Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It seems that I am not to have my glasses, yet.



Monday, April 21, 2008

Slackness and Toves.

I get my glasses tomorrow! WOOHOO!
I'll get the slightly less important things out of the way, next:
I finally posted my Oscillating Fan poem on DeviantArt. Hooray!
Some people are still nagging me *ahem* i mean...inquiring on some photos that I recently took. They will be uploaded. Eventually. Along with all the other work that I've been doing over the last, oh, two years... Be warned, you may be waiting until I have finished year 12 to see them! Who knew there was so much work in doing tertiary and secondary studies at the same time?!

Anyway. down to more important things. I am now going to attempt a blog on the subject of slackness, Horatio's Encyclopedia of Unknown Things-style. (don't bother Googling that encyclopedia, it's a part of a series of stories and nonsense writing pieces I'm working on...)


Slackness, v.
The act of sitting on one's posterior, watching cartoons when one has three hours of math homework to complete. Slackness can be terminated by the appearance of one's mother, bearing tidings of a week of no dessert if said homework is not completed. This negative termination has slightly inferior power to that of positive termination, also known as bribing.

Horatio looked up from his scrawlings in his recently formed encyclopedia. Something was prodding him in the side. That something was the big, bright, hairy thing known as a Tove. "Horry, I'm bored." The poking continued.
"Well poking me in the ribs is only going to make me grumpy."
"But Horry, you're always grumpy."
"I am not!" Horatio protested. It was moments like these that he wished there was some sort of mute button for that Tove. This was because Horatio knew that the Tove was 100% correct: he had been very grumpy of late. He mumbled some nasty things about teachers who gave no care for the sanity of their students, and piled the homework on like bricks.
Horatio had to do something other than write for his teachers, otherwise he was going to go crazy! He had had enough of the monotonous task of completing basic algebra problems, followed by analysing dull poetry by unimportant authors. Oh, to be allowed to read the work of Lewis Carroll in class! But no, his teachers would hear nothing of fun and nonsense in their classes. Horatio was snapped out of his musings by the Tove, who had started poking him in the ribs again.
"I'm hungry," it announced.
"You're always hungry." Suddenly, the boy was struck with an ingenious way for himself to 'de-boredify' himself, as the Tove so very eloquently put it. Yes, his plan was brilliant, mind-stretching and entertaining. And it was going to help him with his English homework, too.

OOOH! I just started a new story! It's going to be brilliant!

Just so you know, I am perfectly aware of the literal translation of Carroll's Jaberwocky, I merely wanted to have some fun with word meanings myself. I recently read a sci-fi story where omlettes were a mode of transportation, and not edible. Also, they could talk. So can't a Tove be a big, blue, hairy thing instead of a badger? I thought that it was perfectly reasonable, myself.

I shall refine the above story beginning, make a plot outline, finish it and DA it! Maybe. If you are reading this, you most likely know me and therefore are familiar with my track-record concerning such things.

Take care,
<3 Elise

Friday, April 18, 2008

"I can see clearly now.."

This is my first ever Blogger Blog.
So, hello!

I figure that the best time to start afresh with a blog was when something changes in your life. After all a blog which starts with "Um, hello. My name Is Aluicious Montflormony and this is my blog...that is all" does not look particularly exciting or interesting. Unless you really are called Aluicious Montflormony, which is pretty cool. Blogs should start with births, deaths, marriages, finishing school, starting school. That kind of thing...milestones in one's life. Well, what is my milestone?

It's too late to say that it's my final year of school, as that started about three months ago, now. Turning 18 is still several months away, so it's not that either. Oh, I might as well tell you now...I'm getting glasses! I'm very excited because my worldview is (quite literally) about to change dramatically. I will hopefully have them by this coming Tuesday.

When I tried those lenses on and looked around the optometrist's room, I couldn't believe it. It was like the transition from analogue TV to High Definition (a transition which I am going to understand a whole lot more, now that I will be able to see things clearer). My mum says that the easiest way to clean the house for her is to take her glasses off. That way, she doesn't see the crumbs and dust on the kitchen floor or the cobwebs in the corner of the carport. She still knows they're there, though, and it bothers her, so she puts her glasses back on and cleans.

Pondering this me sent me into deep and meaningful territory: thinking about how it is that once you put glasses on, the way you see the world is changed forever. When you're not wearing glasses, you know that the way you are seeing things is distorted. When you put them on again, you can see things sharper; you can see the distinct and clear difference between one thing and another - much clearer than you used to. Like in life. When you learn something new, or when you discover a new life-changing truth, for instance, you see every aspect of your life a whole lot clearer. You can see what is right with it and wrong with it, and if you take the glasses off, you still know that there's crumbs all over your floor and cobwebs in the corner. /d&m

Getting glasses may not seem like a big milestone to some people. However, the day that I see the world clearly for the first time seems like a rather large milestone to me. In case you didn't know, I am very excited.

I'll post a picture of me in my awesome glasses as soon as I get them. Hopefully. In the meantime, here is a picture of me (glasses-less) with two very awesome people.

I think that that's about it. Have a good week, peoples.

Love, Elise