Saturday, July 26, 2008

For want of a more awesome awesome title, "My Holidays."

Good morning Starshine, the Earth says, "Hello!"

Thank you, Mr Depp.

I have decided to begin a different way every time. I'm going to try, anyway...we may end up with "Hello [insert random name/word here]" in the end. I have a better idea. I'm going to use greetings from movies. Anyone got any good ones I can use?

I want to tell you about the holidays.

I mostly worked on assignments. English, Art, Vocational Studies, Info Processing and Publishing. When I wasn't doing that, I was chatting on IRC, taking photos or baking. The exceptions are as follows...

The second Sunday was pretty awesome. (I like my church. It's not pretentious or flashy and the people are genuinely loving, but they're not robots. They're real people. YAY!!) After church I had fashion parade rehearsals, and I finally saw what I'll be wearing. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what that is as it is going to be a surprise. I can tell you, however, that it is going to be very cool.

So, I went to the Brickworks with my family. It was a real
brickworks more than 25 years ago but they converted it into a market. They use
the giant kiln as one of the stall buildings. The kiln is heritage listed and
is awesome to look at. The whole top level of the kiln is a poster shop with
mounted posters from movies, records, live shows, books, plus a whole
lot more. I found an awesome Beatles poster there. George Harrison was awesome, and is my
favourite Beatle. Did you know that Australia went the craziest when
they came here? Absolute hysteria. But anyway, I want that poster for
my birthday and let my parents know as much. I honestly don't really
care what I get for my birthday. As long as it's not much, I'm good. I
don't have a lot of space to keep stuff and I hate having to go through
it all the time to throw things away.

I digress. Apologies. I had never noticed one particular shop there, and I'm
extremely surprised that I hadn't (as I have a terrible sweet tooth).
There is and old (compared to me) lolly shop there. It's very cute. It has all the
usual things like boiled lollies, chocolates, fudge and toffees, but it also has
a tonne of imported confectionery: Reese's pieces, Yorkie Bars,
Hershey's, I could go on forever. I had some macdamia fudge. All round, it was a great day.

The Friday of that same week, I went formal dress shopping with mum. I found quite a few that I liked, but didn't buy one. I'm waiting out for the perfect one. I think we went to about six different shops. I'm looking for something a little more neutral-toned, and not to skin-flashy. So elegant and complimentary to me, without being slutty.

On my last official day of holidays, I had my first class in Exhibition design which was awesome. I seriously can't wait to get into it. It's pretty much about implementing design principles in the creation of an exhibition booth or area. I am really excited! I was very proud of myself for my getting-off-at-the-right-stop skills. It was beautiful (but freezing) on the way there. the O-Bahn goes past a reservoir, which that morning was really still and reflective. The grass was white with frost and there were puddles on the streets from a light rainfall the night before.

That's about it, really.

Now, to finish my English assignments.

Take care,

<3 Elise

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Best Pirate Song -EVER-

Lyrics From A Very Silly Sing-Along

Narrator: "Joining Larry are Pa Grape and Mr. Lunt, who together make up

the infamous gang of scalliwags, the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!"

Larry, Pa, Mr. Lunt: "We are the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything! We just

stay home and lie around. And if you ask us to do anything, we'll just

tell you ..."

Larry: "We don't do anything!"

Pa: "Well, I've never been Greenland and I've never been to Denver, and

I've never buried treasure in St. Louis or St. Paul, and I've never been

to Moscow and I've never been to Tampa, and I've never been to Boston in

the fall."

All: "'Cuz we're the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything! We just stay home

and lie around. And if you ask us to do anything, we'll just tell you


Mr. Lunt: "We don't do anything. And I never hoist the mainstay and I

never swab the poop deck, and I never veer to starboard 'cuz I never

sail at all, and I've never walked the gang plank and I've never owned a

parrot, and I've never been to Boston in the fall."

All: "'Cuz we're the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything! We just stay at home

and lie around. And if you ask us to do anything, we'll just tell you

.. We don't do anything!"

Larry: "Well, I've never plucked a rooster and I'm not too good at

ping-pong, and I've never thrown my mashed potatoes up against the wall,

and I've never kissed a chipmunk and I've never gotten head lice, and

I've never been to Boston in the fall!"

Pa: "Huh? What are you talking about? What's a rooster and mashed

potatoes have to do with being a pirate??"

Mr. Lunt: "Hey, that's right! We're supposed to sing about pirate-y


Larry: "Oh ..."

Pa: "And who ever kissed a chipmunk? That's just nonsense! Why even

bring it up? Am I right? What do you think?"

Mr. Lunt: "I think you look like Cap'n Crunch!"

Pa: "Huh? No I don't!"

Mr. Lunt: "Do too."

Pa: "Do not!"

Mr. Lunt: "You're making me hungry."

Pa: "That's it, you're walkin' the plank!"

Mr. Lunt: "Says who?"

Pa: "Says the captain, that's who!"

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, yeah? Aye aye, Cap'n Crunch!"

Larry: "And I've never licked a spark plug and I've never sniffed a

stink bug, and I've never painted daisies on a big red rubber ball, and

I've never bathed in yogurt and I don't look good in leggings ..."

Pa: "You just don't get it!"

All: "And we've never been to Boston in the fall


Got to love VeggieTales.

<3 Elise

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I would like a regular graduation with a side of social life, please. Make that a large.


I just read over my blog and realised that I didn't make much sense in my last one. I also have been rather grumpy. It was a little surprising to me, as I am not usually such a pessimistic person. I apologise. And next time, I'll read through my post carefully before I submit it. With all my recent study, I haven't been making time for things that I had previously been doing, and I think that that may have effected my attitude and my approach on life. I will be cheerful now! :)

I can't wait for October 31st. That's the day I finish year 12. As much as I am loving it and as much as I love my friends, I'm pretty sure that I want my life back. I'm really pleased how it's all going though, and I think I'm coping better than I did with year 11. I'm looking forward to getting a life, and a little time back (particularly to work on my music and writing, which have been terribly neglected since the beginning of the year).

So that's it for now, I'll be posting a general oner later which will be fun - I have pictures!

Until then, (gracious, how anchor woman-like! hah, I could become a news reader. ...Maybe not...)

Take care!

Love, Elise

(I leave you with a picture of a frog contemplating life, the universe and everything.) xo

Thursday, July 10, 2008

fingerless Gloves, Before Shots, Blogs and Other Things.

Lots of things to say today.

I will start by saying that even fingerless gloves are restrictive for typing in. I've been really enjoying my new-found glove-wearing dextrousity, however my typing skills have declined somewhat. In light of this, I shall no longer wear gloves while typing. That is, unless it is really cold.

I realised that I hadn't posted a "before" picture of my hair yesterday, and have decided to do so now. Hopefully you'll then understand why i was a little teary-eyed at the hairdresser's. So here you go, the before picture. as you an see, it wasn't exactly sitting-on length, but it was getting too long to maintain. Besides, I don't really want all the complications that come with having hair that reaches my bum. by the way, those aren't skinnyleg, "drainpipe" jeans. I detest skinnyleg jeans.

I think that this is perhaps one of the few non-scary before shots I've ever seen. Maybe I'm just saying that because it's me, but still. There are no cracked heels, festy wounds or morbidly obese people in this picture. Also, spot the penguin.

In other news, I must point out Sean's blog, in which he scandalously paraphrased and misquoted me. Being a forgiving sort, I'm going to overlook this one, and instead say that it's pretty brave, going without GUI for 30 days. I don't think I could manage it myself for that long. Very manly, Sean, Very manly.

I have recently become addicted to loldogs. I had succumbed to peer pressure and had taken a look at lolcats, from which I discovered it. It's definitely up there in awesomeness.

Yesterday, I read Rob's latest blog. I felt very inspired, and so decided to write some thoughtful words myself, though on a slightly different subject. Here we go. Seatbelts, Kids!

As you may already know, I am sick of corrupt politics and of greed and a lust for power being the driving forces of government. As much as I do respect people in positions of authority over me, I by no means agree with the way that they carry out their duties or with the decisions they make a lot of the time. I can get positively riled over it all, though you won't see or hear me shouting down the next person over it. That is what blogging is for. As much as running away and hiding from the world seems appealing to me at times, I really want to have an impact on the world. I need to have an impact. If I chose to run away, I'm pretty sure that I'd die of boredom and uselessness. Because of this, I'm not quitting living society anytime soon. I have a feeling that the situation will only get worse, even if it does appear to look up temporarily. Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but that's my view. Politics is corrupt; has been for millenia (I give you the Pharohs, Persia, Greece and Rome to name a few) and I can't see it becomming wonderfull all of a sudden. Not now, anyway. Maybe one day. We can hope.

Random question for the week: why do people have an in-built sense of right and wrong, justice and injustice?

Oh, and you have to see this video, followed by this one. Good ol' New Zealand. you have to love it.

I have become tired of explaining the following smiley:


Therefore, I have made a picture to hopefully illustrate what it means. If that doesn't help, I shall try to explain with my awesomely eloquent typin' skillz, yo.

Anyway. " ^^ " is an expression of a positive feeling. It can mean smiling and laughter, though by no means ever in a nasty way. " ^^ " is a friendly, happy face. Not birds.

I think that should do it.

Well I think I'm done now. Until next time....

Love, Elise

Monday, July 7, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Plans, Hair, Party, Praise.

Hello there.

Time for more random rambling.

Firstly, I'm on holidays now! It's cold but I don't mind, as long as I'm not cold myself. I have lots of plans for these holidays. They are as follows:

  1. Overcome writer's block.
  2. Finish English - Applications and Oral Transcripts
  3. Finish two Art Investigative studies
  4. Write at least one TLL article
  5. Write some more poetry
  6. Take lots of good photos
  7. Make more Man in a Box comics
  8. Write more songs
  9. Finish arranging previously written songs
  10. Write more on my stories.
Sure I'll be able to do all of that in three weeks. No sweat about it. Yep, no problems at all...I think it's a good thing I like writing! Any suggestions for getting rid of said bout of writer's block?
I got a haircut! I had about 8 inches cut off. My hair is still classed as long, though. It looks good, and I am pleased. Mind you, I nearly cried as I sat down in the hairdresser's chair. My mum's friend cut it for me and it looks pretty good.

Last night I went to my friend Quinten's 18th birthday and it was fun. I managed to take two photos before my camera went flat. Maybe that was a good thing though, because I found that I had a lot more fun when I wasn't worrying about taking good pictures. So anyway, it was a themed party, the theme being Rockstars. I went as Melissa Brock, who is pretty awesome; she's backing vocals and a guitarist a band called Superchic[k]. Their music lately has been great. If you have fairly broad music taste and like music with a bit of a message, then I'm pretty sure you'll like these guys and girls. They're sort of a pop/rock/alternative mix. Sounds kind of weird to put pop and alternative in the same line, but it's true. I suppose their music is aimed slightly more at girls than guys, but it's still worth the listen. Check out their song, "Stand in the Rain" if you want to hear some of their music.

In other news, I'm pretty much sick of the whole relationship drama thing. I'm also
sick of constantly watching out for "Mr Right," to use a generic and
over-said term. He can flipping well come and find me. I don't want a
fluffy short-term relationship, either. I want real love. So, I have
quit looking. It hurts too much. I'm going to enjoy my singleness, and
then enjoy Mr Perfect Awesomeness when he comes along a whole lot more
than I did being single.

So, lately I have been thinking about something a friend of mine asked me. The question was, "If God is so good and perfect, why does he need to be worshipped?" My answer is fairly simple. Think of a loving dad who looks after his kids and cares for them absolutely unconditionally, even when they do stupid things and disobey him. How great do you think he feels every time his kids say, "Hey, dad. I love you. Thanks for looking after me and loving me no matter what. I know I mess up and I'm sorry. I reckon you're awesome." and then the kids reach for him and give him a massive hug. The dad's heart swells with pride and love as he thinks, "This is definitely worth the pain. I love my kids so much." That's what worship is like. It's God's "children," the people who love him and believe in him, thanking him for loving them through all their imperfections, and asking for strength to carry on. God's heart, just like a father's heart, swells with pride and love. It's the most awesome thing that we mean so much to him. </apologetics>

So there you have it. Oh! One more thing: My basketball team won the Grand Final! The trophy looks like a Bailey's glass or something. I'm so happy! YAY!! CHALLENGERS PWN * !!

That's it, I think.

Stay safe!!

Love, Elise